Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC or, less frequently, Roosevelt) is one of the six colleges located on the campus at the University of California, San Diego. The college was named after former American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a humanitarian as well as a champion of international cooperation and a major member of the early United Nations.

Preparations to add a fifth college to UCSD began in 1985 when its Preliminary Planning Committee was formed. The Committee's report recommended a college focused on coIn 1988, Fifth College formally accepted its first class and opened using the "Camp Snoopy" residence halls in the Pepper Canyon area of campus. Many originally suggested that the college be named "International College" in light of its cross-cultural emphasis. Fifth College was officially named Eleanor Roosevelt College in a dedication ceremony on Jan 26 1995, beating out over 60 other suggestions including Amelia Earhart, Cesar Chavez, and Marie Curie, making it the first UCSD college to be named after a woman and the only college in the United States to be named for Eleanor Roosevelt.