Campus Map
For the best view, keep the map set to the normal road map. The map can also be viewed in satellite and terrain formats.

To view the meters for a building, click the highlighted area of the building. An info window containing a link to the building meters will pop up.

Navigation is the same as in Google Maps.
  • To zoom in/out, scroll the mouse wheel up/down.
  • To recenter the map at another point, click and drag the mouse.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography is southwest of the main campus.

Colors for the buildings correspond to their individual power usage (on average):
  • Red: 1000+ kW
  • Orange: 500-1000 kW
  • Yellow: 100-500 kW
  • Green: 50-100 kW
  • Blue: 50- kW
  • Purple: Meter is currently out of service