New to Energy Dashboard?

We are preparing a tutorial to help you navigate the site. Until then, follow the campus meters link to see the real time energy usage of the various buildings around the UCSD campus. If you are interested in the individual devices that we are metering, such as desktop PCs, check out the individual devices page.

In addition to monitoring energy consumption, we are also interested in reducing energy usage. Check out some of our efforts on the research project page.
Featured Building: CSE Dept

The Computer Science and Engineering Building at UCSD presents an intriguing example of the future of mixed-use buildings. We have extensively metered this building to provide finer-grained energy usage.

Check out the CSE building meter page and see where the energy is consumed in the building. You can see the detailed breakdown between the major energy consumers, or even the energy consumption from the specific meters.
Curious About Other Buildings?

You can view in real time the energy usage of several different buildings across the UCSD campus, from Scripps to the Engineering school. We have created a color-coded campus map that highlights the buildings being metered.

We are working hard to install meters in all the buildings that we currently do not have real time energy data from. Currently, sixty of the largest buildings (total 450) are being measured.
1/27/11 - IE issues have been fixed, so the site will look fine on IE now.

8/10/10 - We have updated our graphing engine to display real-time information on our meters. Click on "Realtime" to check it out!

7/29/10 - We now have iPad compatible static versions of the graphs. Click on "Fast version" to use those instead!

4/02/10 - We have added the campus map. Search for buildings using Google Maps!

3/29/10 - Energy Dashboard is now live! We are still adding more content and improving the site, so please check back often.

3/23/10 - Energy Dashboard now has a new look! We are working on creating a tutorial page too.